Frequently Asked Questions
Who can purchase the policy?
A Member of an active affiliate;
under the age 70;
permanent resident of Canada and covered under a federal and/or provincial health & hospitalization plan.

When does the policy start ?
The policy is effective once payment has been received providing you are still  in Canada.
How many travel days per trip am I covered for under this policy?
Once you leave your province of residence you are covered for up to 60 days of travel per trip. If the length of your trip exceeds 60 days, extended coverage is available through our brokerage services. 
How many trips per year can I take?
You are allowed an unlimited number of trips per year.
Who can be covered under this policy as my dependent?
Your coverage includes your spouse, who is a Canadian resident and is covered under a provincial health care program.  Your spouse is an individual who you are legally married to or with whom you have continuously cohabited in a conjugal relationship for a minimum of one year. Your spouse can be covered under your plan until they reach the age 70.
Dependent Children are also covered.  A dependent child is considered your natural, adopted or step child, or a child whom you have a parent-child relationship with.  The child must be a permanent resident of Canada and be covered under a provincial health care program.  If the child is unmarried and dependent upon you for maintenance, they can remain covered under the policy until they reach age 21.  If they are attending a Canadian institution for higher learning on a full-time basis, they can remain covered until age 25, as long as they remain a full-time student.
Is there a pre-existing condition clause that applies to this travel policy?
Under a travel policy an emergency is defined as unexpected and not pre-planned.  For individuals under age 65 there is no pre-existing condition clause in the policy.  For individual age 65 until they reach age 70 there is a three (3) month pre-existing condition clause.  A pre-existing condition is considered any condition for which the insured person received medical advice, consultation or treatment within three (3) months prior to the commencement of a trip, with the exception of a Chronic Condition which is under treatment and stabilized by the regular use of prescribed medication.
Stabilized means there has not been a change in the medical condition requiring medical or psychiatric intervention for a minimum of three (3) months.
Will my Provincial Health Plan cover expenses should I become sick or injured while travelling?
No.  Provincial health coverage does not fully cover you while travelling out of province or out of country.  Expenses such as ambulance, prescription drugs, and accidental dental are not covered expenses under your provincial healthcare plan.
Do I need to carry my policy information with me when travelling?
Yes. It is important you carry your policy information with you at all times while travelling outside your province of residence.  Once you have purchased your policy, you will be supplied with an electronic copy of the policy booklet and wallet card.  You will need to print out the wallet card and take it with you while travelling, as it does contain your policy and identification number as well as lists the contact number for AXA Assistance.
If I need assistance while travelling, who can I call?
Within 48 hours of your emergency, you or the hospital need to call the toll free number located on your AXA Assistance wallet card and provide them with the policy and identification number listed.  AXA Assistance will help the ill or injured person to get the care needed.  Service is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for medical, travel or personal injury assistance.
What type of information will I need to provide AXA Assistance if I or one of my dependents become ill or injured?
- Your name, the injured/ill individuals name, and your telephone number
- The condition of the individual and nature of the emergency
- Name, location, and telephone number if in the hospital
- Name, location, and telephone number of the treating physician

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